Make Rock Paper Scissors Great Again!

Wyatt Baldwin – President

Wyatt Baldwin is the President of the esteemed World Rock Paper Scissors Association and the author of The Official Rock Paper Scissors Handbook and the Rock Paper Scissors Story. He loves rock paper scissors and once went on a 43 game RPS winning streak! He is a firm believer that Rock Paper Scissors can solve any conflict and is quite possibly the best sport in the entire world! There are no major barriers to play the game, people are not naturally any better at RPS then others, Rock Paper Scissors is the great equalizer!

Reggie Smith – Vice President

Reggie loves sports, but his favorite sport of all is Rock Paper Scissors. Reggie started playing Rock Paper Scissors as soon as he could walk. He once won his high school rock paper scissors tournament and still considers it an incredible achievement.

Tiffany Lee – Media Relations

Tiffany loves Rock Paper Scissors!! She is a twin and her parents told her to use rock paper scissors to help solve any conflicts that happened between her and her sister. Tiffany loves RPS, but her sister hates Rock Paper Scissors.